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KTS offers many different Professional Tax Software options including online cloud based and desk top version software. All of the software we provide is extremely easy to use, learn, and master in no time and makes your job easier as a tax preparer. Our software options allows you to prepare both individual and corporate returns without having to download anything! Our software is “on the cloud” making it accessible from anywhere. You can even prepare tax returns from a smart phone or tablet. Most importantly, all of our software options are very user friendly and easy to learnYou will be able to complete a basic return in 15 mins or less.


Keystone Tax Software is Online based software, so all you need is Internet access and a recent version of your browser.
What this means for you:
  • Zero install, zero updates, and zero backups– No more software expenses or maintenance chores.
  • Access from anywhere. Take your laptop and work anywhere you have Internet access: office, home, coffee shop, client’s location …
  • Mobile friendly, so it also works on your tablet or phone.
  • All-inclusive – Each return includes as many state returns as you need, as well as e-filing, printing, and long-term online storage.
  • Powerful reports let you always know what’s going on with your customers and your practice. Keep track of which returns are ready to e-file, which have been accepted, which need follow-up, your fees, and more.

Pricing & Signup

Keystone Tax Software (ONLY $249.99)is an affordable, flexible way for standalone tax offices to operate.

Returns are based on the taxpayer, not the tax form. One return can include federal and state return(s), as well as extensions, for one taxpayer or joint return.

  • Bank products are available, so you can offer multiple refund options. Customers can choose from prepaid Visa card, direct deposit or a check printed in your office, and you can get your fees deposited the same day.
  • Free conversions of prior-year returns. Then, when you create a new return with a prior-year SSN, you can pull forward W-2s, dependents, and other reusable data, saving you valuable time.
  • Your client returns are always secure. All your transmissions and communications with us are secured with industry-standard encryption, and your returns are backed up for safekeeping.

Please call Keystone Tax Software Sales at (800) 504-5170 today to sign up for Keystone Tax Software, or to get more information. To try Keystone Tax Software call or email us at to get a demo