$499 Intermediate Package


This package is designed for the beginner who does not have experience with tax preparation and desires each and every tax return to be reviewed, in its entirety, before the tax return is electronically filed through our E-filing Service. Keystone Tax Solution is registered with the IRS Authorized e-file providers.

Make a $250 deposit to get started today. Pay the balance from your first pay out.

  • 70/30 Tax Preparation Fee Revenue Split in favor of the Partner
  • No EFIN Required

Partner will operate a tax preparation business and is solely responsible for preparing the tax returns for its tax preparation business.

Partner will have comfort knowing another set of eyes has reviewed the entire tax return before it was e-filed. No tax return will be e-filed which is not in full compliance with IRS rules and regulations.

Partner will also enjoy off-season support for its tax preparation business clients. 

Powering Your Business Just Got Easier!