Partnership Packages

This package is designed for the beginner who does not have any experience with tax preparation and desires each and every tax return to be reviewed, in its entirety, before the tax return is electronically filed through our E-filing Service. Keystone Tax Solutions, however, is a company which provides advertising, web, and marketing services, as permitted by IRS Publication 3112, to IRS Authorized e-file providers. One of those providers, through an agreement with Keystone Tax Solutions, will e-file your tax returns.

Starting a tax preparation business has never been easier. This is far and away our most popular package and is designed for the tax prep business entrepreneur who, generally, has some experience or exposure with the tax preparation business or is otherwise confident about his ability to prepare tax returns without the necessity of each and every return being reviewed.

Affiliate is responsible for marketing its tax prep business, preparing tax returns, reviewing each tax return for accuracy and IRS compliance, and e-filing tax returns for its tax business directly to the IRS.

Keystone Tax Solutions, LLC will support your tax office all year-not just during the tax prep season-which will allow you to close for the season but your tax prep business clients will still be serviced. Start your tax business today.

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