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Keystone Tax Solutions makes starting your own tax business fun, easy, affordable, and exciting.

Whether you are wanting to jump into the ever growing tax preparation business, grow your current tax business, or simply purchase low cost professional tax software; Keystone Tax Solutions is here to serve you. Start your tax business the way you want and use your own company name.

No EFIN? No Problem. Keystone Tax Solutions will provide you an EFIN to facilitate the operation of your business.  If you are an ERO and have acquired an EFIN, take advantage of our professional tax software for as low as $249.99

We offer an array of different options and programs to fit your future or current tax business needs. We are here to help you grow and make money. We have developed an excellent Turnkey Tax Business program for newcomers and veterans alike to ensure success.

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Keystone Tax Solutions paid out over $750,000 to our contractors and owner operators during the 2016 tax season. We are looking to triple that this upcoming year.

Most of our contractors/owner operators made between $20,000- $50,000 their first year in business and our highest grossing contractors did over $100,000 from Jan-Mar. These are real numbers and realistic for first year tax businesses.

Keystone Tax Solutions Offers

Partnership Programs
Prep Fee Up to $999
Rebate & Incentive Program
Audit Protection for Clients Available
Clients Advance $500 - $1,200
Marketing Strategies from KTS Tax Expert
One on One Training
Professional Tax Software: Online/Desktop ONLY $249.99


How much money could you make preparing tax returns?

Example for a full-time tax office:


Example for a part time or mobile preparer:

Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

KTS offers partnership packages that will assist in getting your tax business started with minimum start up fees.

Tax Software Provider

Tax Software Provider

KTS offers many different Professional Tax Software options including online cloud based and desk top version software.

Tax Preparation Training

Tax Preparation Training

KTS offers top notch training for each of our clients. We will be with you from start to finish.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

This business is more about location and marketing than it will ever be about tax preparation.

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Keystone Tax Solutions

Why Join Keystone Tax Solutions?

  • Start your Tax Business for as low as $199
  • Professional Tax Software ($249.99 EFIN Required)
  • Offer up to $1200 Tax Advances For Clients
  • Bank Product for Fees
  • 24 hour Customer Service
  • Location Assistance
  • Business Consultation
  • Marketing/ Advertising Assistance
  • Rebates/ Incentives
  • Low Upstart Cost
  • EFIN Provided
  • Tax Preparation Training
  • 80/20 and 70/30 Splits in Favor of Client

Business Consultation

Business Consultation

Have a tax business and just need help with growth and strategy? KTS can help with this as well. We have over 15 years of experience and can help with marketing/advertising strategy, consulting, location assistance, and business structure.

24 Hour Support

24 Hour Support

Keystone Tax Solutions provides 24/7 customer support during the peak months of the tax season.

Bank Products

Bank Products

Keystone Tax Solutions have strong business relationships with every bank. Join us and do not worry about approval, you are guaranteed bank approval. We help you chose the correct bank that suffice all of your business needs. Get rebates, advances for clients and your business, and bonuses.

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